Alef Bet - Learn the Hebrew Alphabet for Kids! App Reviews

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Not worth the money

This is a set of interactive flash cards. It is not a game and is very overpriced for what it offers compared to other language apps out there. $1.00 would be reasonable not $5.00.


Highly over priced. I expected more than one word for each letter. Very disapppointing

Alef Bet

Highly over priced.

Hate things that don't work

There is no audio with this app.

Worst accent!

Super American accent speaking Hebrew won't teach kids the right way!

Way too short indeed. The examples Newark be more related to the sound and meaning of the letter,

The examples need to be more related to the meaning of the letter, such as is done with Mem Water. Watermelon is not the meaning of Aleph! This app also does NOT even help with writing the letter. Also some letters do NOT even represent the image of the letter, especially with the samech, which does not look like O. etc. etc.

Too short

Great app but to short with vocabulary and games. Not worth the money.


Great app for the children. My son always love to play games on my iPhone it's nice to find something that he can learn from Alef Bet, is fun, interactive, very simplet to use, and best all your children can gain a vast knowledge of some basic hebrew words. Thanks Rustybrick!

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